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Religions & the Public Sphere

Religions & the Public Sphere’ arises from the research project ‘GEDIVER-IN: The management of religious diversity in prisons and hospitals in Spain’, headed by Dr Joan Estruch and Dr Mar Griera, which was funded by the Ministry of Innovation and Research and carried out from 2010-2014. Towards the end of this research we began this blog to share and disseminate the project’s key findings. 

Rather than starting from scratch, the GEDIVER-IN project actually stems from the research experience and extensive background of the authors in the study of religion in its various and complex forms, meanings and manifestations. For this reason, ‘Religions & the Public Sphere’ hopes to become a more open space for reflection and the dissemination of the research done within academia and its confines.


Follow our reflections on religions in the public space. News, notes, photographs, outlines, reviews, vignettes and other formats will be presented in order to disseminate, in an eclectic and brief way, the issues and results of previous and ongoing research projects.

Workshops, articles and presentations of project results which analyse the management of religious diversity in public institutions
“Religion in public institutions: methodological challenges, institutional comparisons and key variables”. Barcelona, 30/06/14 – 1/07/14
Who are the authors of Religions & the Public Sphere?